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Comprehensive Suramar Guide

There are several quests in the Suramar storyline that rewards you mana-giving items, like 발굴된 명가 유물 or 비전주가 든 작은 병. You can find them in the storyline sections..
Gathering professions provide some drops of mana as well at low chance while you're in Suramar
In serious desperation consider buying 고대 마나 결정s and 고대 마나석s from Auction House.

Ancient Mana / Arcwine containers

20 mana

고대 마나 결정 or고대 마나석

반짝이는 고대 마나 응집체

10 mana


avg. 70 mana

avg. 70 mana

avg. 70 mana

avg. 110 mana

avg. 40 mana

Since Ancient Mana is well densely presented in the city it is advised to farm there rather than outside on the open fields.
In addition to the containers listed above, every single type of treasure chests in Suramar can also drop 고대 마나, including

Regular Legion treasure chests:
  • Small Treasure Chests
  • Treasure Chests
  • Glimmering Treasure Chests

Zone-specific treasure chests:

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Raising Mana Cap

The maximum amount of 고대 마나 that a fresh character can carry is 300. Players can increase it up to a total of 2000 by consuming special items and completing particular quests within Suramar. It is important to reach the max pool as soon as you can in order – for example- to speed up the progression of Withered Army Training which can boost your reputation with 나이트폴른 greatly. There are also some quests in the storyline where you have to bribe NPCs for huge amount of mana. In the lists below you can find the available increases:

무한의 돌

마력 깃든 유골 단지

카이르토스의 연구 일지

* In order to see these containers you need to complete the Nightfall part of the main storyline.
켈다나스의 마나 병+100

Kel'danath's ManaflaskOn a bench, directly south of the huge rare-elite ettin named Elfbane.
Volatile Leyline CrystalThis pin shows the entrance, the crystal is underground at the bottom of the Shattered Locus area.
Infinite StoneOn the topmost floor of Moon Guard Stronghold.It's faster to glide from Obsidian Overlook (FP in Highmountain) than fight through the elves.
Enchanted Burial UrnIn northern Tel'anor.
Kyrtos's Research NotesIn a cave named Den of the Demented, can be reached from both Felsoul Hold and Azsuna.

불안정한 지맥 수정 +100

As you play through Suramar's story lines there are some quest that rewards permanent spells casted on you. These also increase your Ancient Mana pool. You may check the questline sections of this guide to get a clue where these quests exactly are within the story lines.


+200Available right after unlocking Anora Hollow, the first Leyline feed.The end quest of Feeding Shal'Aran chapter (main storyline).
+300Last step of The Light Below chapter (main storyline).This is the quest where you have a giant seed above your head.
+200Last step of The Waning Crescent chapter (side quest lines).Available right after you unlock the portal there.
+200An early quest in the Blood and Wine chapter (side quest lines).Requires 0 / 12,000 (Honored) reputation to start the chapter.
+300A late quests in the Blood and Wine chapter (side quest lines).Requires 0 / 12,000 (Honored) reputation to start the chapter.

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Leyline Feeds

Ley lines are ancient channels of magical power that course beneath the very earth. It exist all over Azeroth and all lines lead to a specific location under Karazhan. Ley lines are recognized by every culture and the races of Azeroth often harness them for various magical purposes, such as the creation of moonwells or the portal spells of mages. Dalaran was also built on a massive Ley line at the shore of Lordamere Lake.
More story

The Ley lines course beneath Azeroth are intersected artificially by special needles to form a complex network grid. The exact map of the whole grid is recorded in the Arcanomicon which was gifted to Malygos by the titan Norgannon. To understand the magic, not only the convergences but also the patterns of the Ley lines are very important. These patterns resemble letters derived from a strange foreign alphabet. There are different patters of Ley lines, such as the pattern of Striking lying below the Blackrock Spire or the pattern of Frost underneath Northrend.

Suramar is built on ancient Ley lines too. The night elves constructed a complete tunnel system beneath the whole zone and with the invention of arcane coils they were able to tap the arcane magic. When they sealed themselves within the magical barrier in Suramar City they had to abandon the tunnel system and remained to rely solely on their primary fount of power, the Nightwell.

There are many references in the game for Ley lines, like the popular 신비한 룬호랑이 who feeds on Leyline magic, the 사암 벽돌, crafted by the mages of Mennar once used to draw energy away from a Legion portal to stop the demons flooding Azeroth, or even the 드레나이 해도 that contains Draenor's all oceanic Ley-line conjunctions, mapped out exclusively for Gul'dan.

In Legion, , the leader of the Nightfallen has found a way recently to reactivate the abandoned arcane coils in the ancient tunnel system. With your help, she would be able to redirect the flowing magic to power their base of operation, Shal'Aran. To unlock Leyline feed quests you need to complete , a part of the main storyline. After that, the quests for Leyline feeds will become available — and visible by exclamation marks on your minimap even from the surface. You need to find the entrance around the quest markers and enter the underground tunnel to power the actual Leyline feed. The cost is 200 to 250x 고대 마나 per pylon.* Some feeds require you to do additional tasks, like killing certain creatures or to collect special ingredients.



Anora HollowLey Station AnoraIntroductory quest — See the chain here.
Moonwhisper GulchLey Station Moonfall
Moon GuardLey Station Aethenar
Falanaar NorthFalanaar TunnelsUnderground map
Falanaar SouthFalanaar TunnelsUnderground map
Soul VaultsHalls of the Eclipse

* Due to the final profit the Leyline feeds listed under the "collecting" section of this guide instead of "spending".

Leyline Feed Rewards

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How to Spend Ancient Mana

For just a quick dump, you can buy the 첫 번째 비전술사의 수호물 buff from in Shal'Aran over and over; this is a fast but mindless dump. If you want something more permanent for your currency, you can buy the menagerie souvenirs and Jacin's goodies listed at the end of this section.
The main purpose of 고대 마나 is to help Thalyssra and the outcast Nightfallen to retake Suramar City. Players can do this through series of methods but there are three recurring primary ways to spend Ancient Mana:
  • Feed story NPCs to keep them sane
  • Offer mana to gain beneficial buffs
  • Train a powerful withered army

Feed story NPCs

There are several key figures in Shal'Aran – the Nightfallen command post – who must survive. You can cease their withering by feed them 고대 마나 from time to time. Keeping sane these story NPCs is vital as you can't contact with them while they're about to lose their mind. In exchange for the mana they reward you with some useful, continent-wide buffs which you can re-apply whenever you want as long as they're sane – for a small amount of mana. Every time you feed them you also gain a small chunk of Nightfallen reputation steadily, once in every 24 hours – until you finish A Change of Seasons where they stop withering.

Gain powerful buffs

Most quest areas in the zone offer optional buffs to ease your life while in Suramar. Sometimes they come as clickable objects, sometimes certain NPCs offer them in exchange for 고대 마나. Some of them are pretty minor some are more powerful. In the list below I'll try to cover all the buffs you can use to advance your progression in Suramar.

Repeatable Buffs for Ancient Mana
Buff nameCostProviderLocationNotes
Ward of the First Arcanist50 manaIn Shal'Aran.Required chapter: NightfallContinent-wide buff.
Leyline Mastery10 manaIn Shal'Aran.Required chapter: Feeding Shal'AranContinent-wide buff.
Warpwalking10 manaIn Shal'Aran.Required chapter: Chief Telemancer OculethContinent-wide buff.
Leywoven Bulwark25 manaAlong the main roads in the western part of the zone.Absorbs 300,000 damage.
Ride Manasaber25 manaAround the western part of the zone.Mana kitten taxi. Very fast.
Empathy5 manaIn the Waning Crescent district of Suramar City.Stacks up to +50% HP.
Flameweaver's Fury25 manaVarious spawn points In Waning Crescent.Chance for extra Fire damage for 15 min.
Spiritual Infusion20 manaIn Tel'anor.Haste & movement speed buff for 2 min.
Powered Security Module25 manaIn Suramar City.Summons a turret at player's location.
Ley Infusion25 manaIn the Leyline feed tunnels except Falanaar.Powerful damage buff.
Loyal Manasaber50 manaIn Felsoul Hold.Manasaber companion for 10 min.
Spellshard20 manaIn the Falanaar Tunnels.Arcane turret. Activate to attack nearby enemies.

The Nightborne also sell several useful and fun items in Suramar City. You can contact the vendors right after you unlock and use the 가장무도회 spell which is a quest reward not far into the main storyline.

"데빌사우루스" 도시락


엘레크 기념품
랩터 기념품
멀록 기념품

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Withered Army Training

The is a special world quest. It leads you to a solo scenario that takes place in the collapsing Falanaar Tunnels in Suramar. The event is available once every 3 days and is one the best ways to increase your reputation for your character. Think of it as a recurring exchange of your 고대 마나 for reputation tokens to 나이트폴른.

How to start
– First thing first, to unlock Legion 전역 퀘스트 your character must complete by earning Friendly reputation with the 5 major Legion factions. (This requirement is account-wide.)
– You also need to complete the main storyline of Suramar: Nightfallen but not Forgotten.
After you accomplish these steps in Shal'Aran offers . This is your first Withered Army Training scenario, free of charge. By completing this introductory event you'll unlock the world quest which will be then offered once in every 3 days.
Whenever the quest is available on your world map, you may head to Thalyssra and pick the phrase on her dialog panel:
"I've come to help the withered with their combat training"

Thalyssra then offers you withered test subjects for certain amount of mana. As you pick an offer you receive 팔라나아르의 폐허로 가는 길 which instantly starts the scenario. Please note, the scenario is significantly easier if you bring more withered so it's more than advised to buy all 20 withered (for 2000 mana) as soon as possible. To do this, you need to raise your 고대 마나 cap from the base 300 to 2000 – which is described in the Raising Mana Cap section of this guide. I also recommend you to read How to Collect Ancient Mana to save time on mana farming.

How does it work?
— In nutshell, you bring the withered into the tunnels and collect as many treasure chests as you can without running out of your army. There's no timer for this event so you don't have to hurry. Once you run out of test subjects or if you're about to die, the scenario will end and you get ported back to Thalyssra. Here you can loot the chests you've collected in the actual run and leave the instance.

— In details, this scenario is a bit of a strategy game as well. You can't collect all the chests in one attempt because it consumes withered and you may run out of your army eventually. Especially at the early attempts when your army is rather weak you may consider carefully where you spend your withered. Because of this, the scenario is more of a linearly progressed recurring event and it will take a couple of runs to collect all the goodies. As you're upgrading your army you can sort more and more withered to kill the opponents and unlock new areas instead of lifting treasures. Once you reach the end of the tunnels you meet there who can end the event, teleport you back to Thalyssra where you can loot the goodies from the collected chests.

It is important to point out that –under any circumstances- once you leave the scenario you cannot go back until the world quest is offered once again. Your character leaves the scenario automatically when you disconnect from the game or the server goes down.

To make a good run, it is generally better to leave the chests alone first and just collect withered. Advance as far as you can but always consider if you can kill the boss front of you without serious loss. Stop advancing if you feel the situation too risky for your withered pool. That's the time where you may turn back and start collecting chests from the areas you cleared before. You can find more useful tips at the end of this section.

You may balance your withered spending between

– porting out Glimmering Treasure Chestscosts 10 witheredto add special units to your army
– porting out Treasure Chestscosts 5 witheredto add special buffs to your army
– clearing difficult areas / killing bossescost dependsto reach new areas / treasure chests.

The scenario has different types of rewards. Every time you finish the event a Glimmering Treasure Chest is rewarded. This chest usually contains a mix of 팔라나아르의 고대 서판, 팔라나아르의 비전 잔재, 살게라스의 피, an ilvl 810+ gear piece, 고대 마나, 연맹 자원 and one of the following: 팔라나아르 초승달, 팔라나아르 홀 or 팔라나아르 보주. The amount of rewards depends on the Score you achieved in the run. The maximum amount you can receive from this chest is:

Additional rewards from this chest (low drop chance):

Treasure Chests
You can find 3 types of treasure chests in the tunnels, Glimmering, Small and normal Treasure Chests.
The Glimmering Treasure Chests provide new units to your withered army, while normal Treasure Chests usually contain upgrade items that you can use to buff your army. These chests can be looted once by character then they disappear permanently. Glimmering Treasure Chests have fixed positions and loot while the normal Treasure Chests seem to have random drops – within their pre-defined loot list :


ItemNew Unit
온드리엘의 광폭화 투구Withered Berserker
태나의 광폭화 투구Withered Berserker
아즈실라의 주문가면Withered Mana-Rager
알라오누스의 주문가면Withered Mana-Rager
주문선견자 델리안의 렌즈Withered Spellseer
별소환사의 원반Withered Starcaller


* It seems the devs are still tinkering the chest distribution, I'll update this map with names soon.
ItemBuff / Effect
석화된 비단매듭25% more health
킨데라의 렌즈25% more damage
차분한 속삭임의 상자More focus on attacks
위안의 지맥석 조각Lowers the chance to flee
여행자의 은행 상자Bank in Shal'Aran
지맥 무리거미Battle pet
고대 마나 수조Toy
마나 깃든 팔도레이 알 주머니Artifact Power
나무치료사의 신호기Artifact Power

Small Treasure Chests have no withered cost, they're free to open and usually contain gold, 살게라스의 피 and 고대 마나. They can also drop consumable Teleportation scrolls which teleport the player to various locations around the Broken Isles.

마을 차원문 두루마리: 샬라니르Teleport to Shala'nir in Val'sharah
마을 차원문 두루마리: 사쉬즈타르Teleport to Azuregale Bay in Suramar
마을 차원문 두루마리: 칼델라르Teleport to Kal'delar in Val'sharah
마을 차원문 두루마리: 파로나아르Teleport to Vanquish Point in Azsuna
마을 차원문 두루마리: 리안트릴Teleport to Rockaway Shallows in Highmountain

* Make sure you don't use the portal scrolls while you're doing the scenario as it will port you out of the instance and you cannot return.

There are 6+1 encounters in the scenario, some of them are easy to defeat, some are harder. Bosses usually guard treasure chests and summonable s. You're able to skip most of them, and this comes handy when you no longer need anything past them. None of them earn score anyway. The bosses are all vulnerable to stuns!

is a special –and somewhat challenging- boss, he drops 드로의 열쇠 which is required to enter the second part of the Falanaar Tunnels. He's lurking around the whole central area and warns you: "–Look out!" every time when Dro is near.


Move away from your withered when 파편의 결정 dissipates from you.
Stun his charge spree or he'll destroy your army quite fast.
Nothing dangerous.
Stay away from your withered all the time. Stun the final boom cast.
Pull back to the tunnel, try to stun every 발 구르기s.
Spiderling GauntletReach Psillych's room as soon as you can to make the spiders stop spawning.
Nothing dangerous.

Gating System
There's a gating mechanism that ensures the scenario must be accessible only gradually; Most doors in the tunnels are all locked and you have to fulfill various criteria to open them though multiple runs.
  • The door to the right from the first intersection requires you to have 2 Withered Berserkers to open.
  • The door locking and 온드리엘의 광폭화 투구 requires you to have 10 living withered to open.
  • The door locking requires you to have 10 living withered to open.
  • The door locking and 알라오누스의 주문가면 requires you to have 10 living withered to open.
  • The door locking 별소환사의 원반 requires you to have 10 living withered to open.
  • The door that unlocks the second part of the tunnels requires you to have 드로의 열쇠.
  • The door that blocks the way to will open after you kill the in the egg room.
  • Several chests are hidden and you need to have 주문선견자 델리안의 렌즈 unlocked to see them. (This is currently bugged and you're able to see them without unlocking the Spellseer on the actual character.)

The amount of rewards in the final Glimmering Chest depends on the score you achieved in the actual run. Score is earned by mob kills:

10 points
Fal'dorei elite mobs
3 points
common mobs
1 point
lesser creatures
0 point
critters and bosses

There's a limit to the rewards (see in the Rewards section above) and you can reach it by earning around 400 points in the scenario. Several mobs at the end of the tunnels respawn infinitely so you can raise your score as high as you want, but it's understandably useless because of the reward's max limit.

Useful Tips
  • Especially for fresh characters while your army is still weak it's way better to switch to tank spec (if you have one). is a maniac and could easily turn to be the worst nightmare for both you and your army.
  • Note, your withered automatically go and attack the mob that you currently try to attack, even if the target is out of your range. So be careful with your /startattack macros.
  • You can't heal the withered. Any heal you made on them will slowly tick down
  • Turn on Friendly name plates (default: <Shift> + V) to spot every around you.
  • Free all s as they're often webbed s that you can summon to your army.
  • Your Withered Berserkers often die first as they're taunting everything mindlessly. This fact reduces their value if you play in tank spec. Taunt the mobs off them whenever you can.
  • Sometimes, especially when you're short on withered it's better to skip certain areas. The spider web paths in the central aula are quite useful for a bypass.
  • Make sure you don't start the scenario when the server is about to go down, or feels unstable. You'll be end up in the nearby graveyard and it's impossible to return until the scenario is offered again.

What's Next?
People usually master this scenario in few to several weeks. So what's the point of doing this event over and over for characters who already
– received all the available withered upgrades from the chests
– reached Exalted with the Nightfallen

The answer lies within the guaranteed final chest. Reaching it's full size (around 400 points) this chest has a low chance to drop rare goodies, such as gear, toys, champion equipment, artifact appearances and the quest starter item for the fox mount. You can find the detailed list in the Rewards section above.

Also, while you're down there, don't forget to loot the Small Treasure Chests that spawn infinitely throughout the scenario. These small chests can contain up to few hundreds of gold, several 살게라스의 피, some 고대 마나 and profession recipes rarely.

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The Elusive Fox Mount

로시엔 배회자 고삐, Suramar's amazing fox mount can be obtained by doing a pair of short quests and long missions. To find the 찢어진 초대장, the quest starter item may take a lot of time time as it's a very rare drop. Supposed sources so far:
  • Emissary quest reward box: 나이트폴른 비축물confirmed!
  • The guaranteed final Glimmering Treasure Chest offered at the end of Withered Training Army scenario — confirmed!
  • Zone-specific container: no real proof, only beta rumors.

As soon as you intercept the quest starting letter, it turns out that the Nightborne nobles are planning to hold an exclusive hunt after the rare fox, . The quest handler thinks you can take advantage of this event so he sends you to save the fox. The first quest requires you to complete 4 missions in your Class Hall then the second quest rewards you the mount itself. The missions take 12 hours each (without any time-reducing buff) and only one is available at a time so you need to do them sequenced.

After you're done with the quest, is offered. In this sequel, you need to confront then find before the hunters find him. The fox cannot be targeted until event starts so target macro doesn't work. He's by a big tree north to Ambervale. (Coords: 30.0 35.6) Once you're getting close enough the fox emotes
< Volpin quivers with fear >
and the event starts. Some normal mobs appear, ring the fox, claiming their prey and send you to hell. As you kill the huntsmen the fox does a little dance and rewards you the mount. Here's the quest chain:

  1. 추적 사냥
  2. 초대받기
  3. 만반의 옷차림
  4. 시간 딱 맞췄어

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About the guide

This guide was written on the basis of Legion Alpha and Beta experiences. The content of test servers are always subject to change so there may be inaccurate information here compared to live realm. I'll do my best to fix what's wrong, missing or bugged and update the guide when it's necessary. I'll also add a new section with useful macros, addons related to Suramar soon. As always, I appreciate corrections and suggestions.

Thank you for reading this guide! I hope you found what you were looking for.
See you in Suramar!

Special thanks to all the helpful people at Wowinterface.com, Perc & Kel for the coding assistance and to the many supportive players on Legion Beta test realms who helped testing the content of this guide. You guys rock!

  • Oct 25, 2016 – Added Patch 7.1 content.
  • Oct 01, 2016 – Added section "Optional Quests".
  • Sep 26, 2016 – Added chapter "Statecraft". Bugfix.
  • Aug 29, 2016 – Initial release.

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