Hidden Transmog in World of Warcraft

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사멸자의 낫 (Blue Version)

사멸자의 낫 (Red Version)

Legion Assault Weapons

Chosen Dead Ensembles

어둠 순찰자의 두건 (Hunter Only)

고요의 손등싸개 (Monk Only)

  • 고요의 손등싸개 can be bought from 달인 탄 in 쿤라이 봉우리; go across the bridge to the Terrace of the Tiger and he should be on your left once you cross it. A quick way to get to this vendor is to take the portal to Kun-Lai Summit in the class hall and talk to Zidromi who will phase you to the Kun-Lai Summit where the Legion has not attacked yet. They give your monk the appearance of having no fist weapons on so you are fighting with your bare fists. 고요의 손등싸개 cannot be enchanted with illusions.

(Rogue Only)

병기: 칠흑의 기사단의 장비 (Death Knight Only)

병기: 은빛 성기사단의 장비 (Paladin Only)

  • To obtain 병기: 은빛 성기사단의 장비, fly over to Deliverance Point on the 부서진 해변 and look for the vendor 전쟁마법사 캐슬린 (if she is unable to be located, she is either defending the Mage Tower or dead and will respawn shortly). Warmage Kath'leen sells the arsenal for 1000 황천의 파편's for Paladin only.
    Using the arsenal will grant you the four weapon appearances listed below. You can ONLY use the appearances listed below on a Paladin. However, ALL appearances granted by this item can be used by all three Paladin specializations (Retribution, Holy, and Protection).
    금박 전쟁망치


병기: 아지노스의 쌍날검 (Demon Hunter Only)

Battle for Azeroth

코르 - 수호자의 망치

The Great Sea Scrolls Appearances

Once you have twelve of them, turn the quest in for a Vrykul-themed helm:

금쪽같은 시간을 버려낸 허리띠

To find how to obtain this unique model, check our Waist of Time guide!

복장: 파도현자의 예복

  • This transmog ensemble has a low chance to drop off of 군주 스톰송 in Mythic difficulty, and also has a chance to be in the Mythic+ box you get at the end of the dungeon.

자쿨의 견갑

  • Similiar to the Tusks of Mannoroth and The First Satyr's Spaulders, the 자쿨의 견갑 are an appearance that you can only obtain from a certain boss within a raid. The 자쿨의 견갑 have a low chance to drop off of 자쿨 from The 영원한 궁전 raid on any difficulty.

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