Patch 4.2: Two New Hunter Pets, Molten Cats, and Dungeon Journal Interface Changes

  • Each of the vendor trinkets have a unique and cool vanity effect attached to its on use: 달샘 성배 creates a beam from a moonwell linked to you, 드위어의 투척나무 tosses a tree at the ground, 리켓의 자기 화염구 creates a sphere of flame around your character, and 달샘 유리병 splashes water around you for its duration.

  • If you miss throwing bears from the dailies, check out 하이잘 새끼 곰 for . It is purchased from 발란 하이바우 after completing 고대정령 부르기. You can also purchase 마일룬의 피리 from Varlan for ; this item summons beautiful animals, butterflies, and flowers for five minutes.

  • Completing 경계는 날개를 달고 10 times will award you 나는 기수다 and 짹짹거리는 상자. Inside will be the other mini jouster you did not choose upon completing 알까기.

  • Dungeon Journal

    The Dungeon Journal has been out for longer but recently received a polish in the last patch build. Let's sum up the features.

    Boss Tips

    • Boss abilities in respective phases pointed out along with effects
    • Adds and their abilities in bossfights pointed out
    • Important abilities marked with icons, e.g. for tanks, deadly abilities, interruptable spells
    • Toggle between Normal/Heroic and 10/25-player tips.

    Boss Loot including Class Filter

    • Accessible via chest tab on the right of the pane
    • List of all possible items dropped by a boss, including tooltips but without drop chances
    • Toggle between Normal/Heroic and 10/25-player loot.
    • Gear Filter to sort items with stats beneficial for your class, regardless of specialization


    • Search: Search for an item, a boss or an ability. Clicking the result will take you to the appropriate page, i.e. the boss drop list or the boss ability list.
    • Map Integration: While in a dungeon, click on a boss avatar in the zone map and be linked to the Dungeon Journal entry of that boss. Or show maps directly from the zone entry of the Dungeon Journal.

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